Soda Cellar supply and install soft drinks dispensing equipment of the highest quality.

When it comes to choosing the right post mix drinks dispenser for your business, it is important to understand all of the options available. Luckily, Soda Cellar are here to help, guaranteeing to meet your needs and deliver outstanding service every step of the way.

We offer a range of drinks dispensers, from countertop units to floor-standing models, meaning you can find the perfect option for your business. With Soda Cellar, you can be sure you are making the best choice for your business. Contact us today to find out more.

Pepsi and bar dispensing gun
Revolver Tower

The Wunder-bar Revolver Tower is a new sleek and stylish holster display which can be made bespoke for your business with its digital display screen.

Why use drinks dispensers?

Time is money icon

Save time

You're still able to serve up to 400 drinks from a single syrup reservoir. No more lost staff time spent restocking refrigerators.

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Save space

Say goodbye to stacks of bottles. Store a whole warehouse right under your bar. Just 10 syrup reservoirs will yield 1,200 litres of beverages.

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Save the environment

Switching to a 1:6 ratio syrup will not only reduce transport-related emissions, it will also reduce the volume of disposable packaging you produce.

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Save money

Post-mix solutions are actually less expensive than using bottles and cans. Using post-mix will increase your profits.

Soda Cellar supply and install different types of cooling systems of all sizes.

Optima 7 system

Optima 7

The Optima 7 is a high-performing machine within the soft drink cooler range. It's designed for either under counter or remote installations. Optima 7 is a compact machine which offers a high cooling performance from it's large compressor.

60cm x 41.4cm x 27.5cm 37.2kg
Icecore 1 system


The ICECORE 1 is a high-performance beverage cooler that can be configured for both pre-mix and post-mix soft drinks cooling. This cooler system has been designed to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient with it's 'ecoinside' cooling technology.

60.5cm x 40.1cm x 28.5cm 93.9kg
Icecore 10 system


The ICECORE 10 has been designed to reduce energy consumption and improve reliability. The cooler system is a highly efficient R290 refrigerant which has been developed for optimal performance as well as lower costs.

76.2cm x 44.1cm x 53.7cm 88kg
Icecore 30 system

ICECORE 30 Remote Cooler

The ICECORE 30 Remote Cooler is a sustainable and efficient remote cooling system that uses HFC-free natural refrigerants to help improve performance while reducing service costs. With the optional addition of a telemetry system, customers and service engineers can detect and prevent any maintenance issues occuring without being onsite. Trials conducted in the UK have shown a reduction of up to 65% energy saving over other competitors models.

98.2cm x 59cm x 64cm 93.9kg
Hyper Warwick system

Hyper Warwick

The Hyper Warwick post-mix cooler is a sleek and stylish device that can be used either as an under counter cooling system or for remote installations. It is a small and compact system but offers high cooling performance from it's large compressor, it also offers dramatic improvements in energy consumption and reliability.

76.2cm x 44cm x 44.5cm 77.6kg
Glycol Units

Glycol Units

Glycol Units are popular because they offer high quality, reliability and exceptional efficiency. The compact design makes them perfect to place in any location with an available space. Many leading soft drink brands worldwide specify Multiplex coolers because of their first rate performance on every installation.

37.9cm x 22.1cm x 43.5cm 13.2kg